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A serious expedition style extra-large gear/travel duffel. Perfect for extended vacations or gear-intensive travelerchoice expeditions. very rugged, travelerchoice adjustable, sturdy wheels and handles, and generally miles above the other wheeled duffles I looked at - no comparison. I will probably also purchase the smaller size for shorter trips and just give up suitcases altogether. A must-have travelerchoice for workout fanatics, the revamped Locker Bag has a redesigned door, more durable fabric and more eye-popping colors than ever before. I''''ve been a traveling tennis player for 20 years and this bag is the best thing I''''ve found for organizing travelerchoice my attire and accessories. I carry it in my trunk and I am now prepared to play at a moments notice. I no longer find my deodorant or toothpaste smeared over my shirts or stuck in my shoe. travelerchoice I can go away for a week at a time without checking luggage. I would nominate this bag for a place in the luggage hall of fame! A 3-4 day gear/travel duffel with a drop-bottomed compartment for extra storage. Also converts to backpack carry.

I purchased this bag to take along to my daughters all day volleyball tournaments and it is the perfect bag for our drinks and food. Its easy to get around and has enough travelerchoice space for everything from food to a newspaper. I very much recommend this product in that its convienent and durable. Perfect for lunch, golf, camping, boating, beach and picnics! A travel classic, this lightweight bag is the perfect traveling companion! A stylish and durable way to keep the wrinkles out of your travel. Twelve compartments keep contents ultra-organized while a locking hanger clamp holds 3-4 suits or dresses to reduce wrinkling. The bag is excellent for short to mid business trips. It is expandable, so if you add more stuff, it can handle it, or, you can zip it down when you do not need the space. Wheels and handle work great, I got some very appreciative comments from coworkers on the bag.

Front panel expands 3" for packing versatility and "Instant ID System" lets you quickly identify your bag. The Aspire 400 Garment bag is very well thought out, and is easy to pack and carry. The delivery was right on schedule, just in time for a long business trip! Overall, very good service. I will order from us in the future. Smart, good looking, a great bag for trips that require longer travelerchoice stays. My husband and I share this one. We travelerchoice have matching overnight travelerchoice cases and the smaller Skyway carry on that you can take for shorter 2 to 3 day trips. We love this set of luggage and everyone who has seen it has told us how great it looks. Thank you for providing the perfect bags for us. This is my second Fl-air III bag and I love both of them, my 25" and the rolling carry-on. I now am prepared for both a long and short trip. I particularly like the toiletries hanging bag in each.

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